Hand-picked wines

Finding a good bottle of wine is a rewarding experience: added to the immediate pleasure it provides, there is the promise of more happiness to come. But let’s be honest: it doesn’t happen every day. Which is why twice a year, in January and in July, we fly over to France with my sister for a two-week tour of the vineyard and return to Hong Kong with only a handful of wines to add to our catalogue. These are wines that tick all the boxes, without exception – great charm, originality, finesse, environmental sustainability and value for money – wines that one can feel truly grateful for finding… La bombe, as we say in French.

Local French prices

Good wine, like good food, needn’t be a luxury if you know where to find it, which in Hong Kong can be challenging. Indeed, there is a feeling here that good wine has to be expensive, and that bloody good wine has to be bloody expensive. It is a complete misconception. So to play our part in the universal advancement of good affordable wine – the Goddess of Globalization be our witness! – we have committed ourselves to selling wine at French Retail Price. No extras for international shipping, no inflated margins, no VAT or excise duties – we have the legislator to thank for that! – and if you don’t believe us, just Google it!

From château to condo

Such reasonable prices are not compatible with selling wine out of a Soho boutique. When you shop at Rendall & Co’s, you don’t have to pay a hefty ransom to our landlord. Instead, we offer free next-day delivery (bar Sundays) to Hong Kong island addresses, for orders of 6 bottles or more, mixed cases included (two cases minimum order for Lantao, Kowloon and the NT). Cost effective, quick and simple. And if you don’t know where to start, just write and ask to join our mailing list. Who knows… you might even be invited to one of our free weekly tastings, hosted every other Thursday on the company boat, in Aberdeen Harbour.

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