When the EURO comes tumbling down… so does the price of French wine!

True to its commitment to bring you great French wines at French retail prices, Rendall & Co is applying the new exchange rate to its price list.

Summer Breeze glides from HKD 95 to 85; Terres de Caillotte stoops from HKD 130 down to 120; Chinon – Les Débonnaires slides from HKD 120 to 110; Marcel Joubert’s Fleurie – Vieilles Vignes, from HKD 130 to 120 (a truly scandalous price for a vin nature!), and his Morgon – Côte du Py, from HKD 145 to 130; even the sumptuous St Nicolas de Bourgueil – L’Envolée, hovers down from HKD 190 to 180; in the mean time, down in the Languedoc, Six Rats Noirs takes one step down from HKD 110 to 105 and as for the sublime Lune Blanche, it remains pinned at HK220 where its mathematician-winemaker wants to keep it, at the pinnacle as it were.

Has good wine ever been so outrageously affordable? Not in Hong Kong it hasn’t.

So let’s raise our glasses to Super Mario Draghi – may he long continue to gorge himself on Eurobonds – and to the future of French wine exports!