With so many still ignoring the Malthusian imperative (“do not  go forth and multiply”), there’s quite a lot to celebrate this week-end. From the Allmighty Father, whose son’s weekly Eucharist calls for a single chalice of un-chaptalized wine, to our more earthly daddies, there is no better gift than wine to placate the authors of our days and, once they have been sufficiently mollified, to express gratitude.

Rather than try to please everyone, we thought we might focus on the two ends of the age spectrum this year: young fathers and grandfathers.

Young Father’s Day
He has no time; a budding family and an all-consuming career take it all. What  precious little energy he has left at the end of each day, at the end of the week, he must preserve, religiously.  At such a critical juncture, hangovers are the arch enemy! Instead, short bursts of mirthful energy, a tantalising palate and a smooth finish are just the break he needs from an overwhelming sense of… alienation! For the young father, Vin Nature is a must. For pure energy and charm, delicate yet complex aromas, a soothing sense of escape and no head-aches, buy him a mixed case of Marcel Joubert’s Crus du Beaujolais: 3 bottles of Morgon Côtes du Py and 3 bottles of Fleury Vieilles Vignes, for HK$ 750. And as a gorgeous prelude to the Sunday siesta, for two, a couple of bottles of Brise d’Eté, the house rosé, light, dreamy, delicate and migraine-free (HK$ 85 a bottle).

Grandfather’s Day
Children are long gone, other cares have been put in perspective, and time… well, time has never been so precious, but as good fortune would have it, grandfathers have plenty of it! Time to indulge, and reminisce… This is a time for serious wines, bottles that are a world to themselves. For an epic grandfather’s day, we recommend a bottle of Lune Blanche to start the evening with – pure feminine magic – followed by a couple of bottles of L’Envolée, two Château Chambert (a prince amongst the black wines of Cahors) and a half-bottle of Cazès – Grenat de Rivesaltes, to take care of that sweet tooth. HK$ 955 in total. Agreed, it might take a couple of grandfathers to get through those six bottles, but free next-day delivery comes at that price!